Father-alienating mother Iris van der Schuit makes 3 victims in the Netherlands.

– Wijk bij Duurstede- Netherlands –

Reports are confirmed now. Father has commited suicide after a fraudulous custody procedure that took his children away more and more. A procedure that tortures several hundreds of children, fathers and father-family each year. Magistrates even admit that they don’t feal responsible for factfinding (waarheidsvinding). Police more or less admits that they criminalize fathers. Now a criminalized father in his utter dispair has thougth: “Let it be … let me be a criminal. I want rest for myself … and for my so beloved children.” Unfortunatedly only fathers tortured this same way, do understand. Please let’s stop this child mistreating. Don’t forget all family and friends that are involved.

Now his children are found dead. The complete dutch population was looking for them. Everybody started with sympathy for the mother first. And than she turned out to be not the victim in the first place but the responsible person herself. The mother that made the false allegations to the father of maltreating his own children has been informed by the police. She was involved in identifying her children. The corpses have supposedly been in cold water (around 10 degrees Celsius) for about 14 days. Identification was already prepared by the police. So practically it had been a matter of minutes to make the forensic 99,9 percent identification. Only for preparing publication some delay was made by the police.

In remembrance to all. Let us find strength to bring the responsible people to justice. That should not stop with the “death penalty” the father got.

Justice for all

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