Sabotage or “very silly” mistake in end track for singing of Madona in Eurovision Song Contest?

Relistening a bit on the broadcasted material of the Israelian Organisation some opinions seem to be shared.

I listened recently to the YouTube material of the performance that Madonna should have released for publishing immediately after her critisized performance. And very clear no out of tune singing of Madonna. Sound of an other performance? A rehearsal?

In the Eurovision performance Madonna sounds to be out of breath on many moments. Exactly that will be the reason that Madonna herself will have had a recorded track in sync with here singing that could have been opened when she would have made a fall, or e.g. would have missed a staircase. See the YouTube comment of some Vocal Coaches.

For some soundtechnicians it seems that the end signal on the singing has to much of an effect. Perhaps literally turned the knob to far or just the wrong way around. It seems to be indeed the autotune effect that was wrongly set.

Such an end signal can go to specific receivers. At the same time an other signal without added sound effect can have been given to e.g. a recorder of the performance. Artists will ask for a raw, clear signal of their singing on their monitors. In ear and/ or on stage. It’s of now use for better singing to hear an added effect.

It may be doubted that Madonna wanted an end mixed signal on here monitors. That makes it the more expectable that during the performance she could not have been aware of the mix-“car-accident”.

Not anybody knows that performers for the contest itself are obliged to deliver a complete sound mix for all their performing instrumentalists, supposed even their backing vocals. Maybe their is even a disaster scenario that the organisation can switch immediately to a recorded vocal track. The organisation is very cautious on technical disasters. This explaines the difficulties drummers have when camera man don’t have pity with them and show “impossible play back”. Or better: when video-editors are not concentrated enough. In sound during the performance more or less only the vocalist track can go wrong.

Madonna could not have had end “ownership” of her end-mixed-vocal-track. In the whole chain of sound delivery somewhere, somebody can put in a “disaster effect”. Different countries could even have received different mixed vocal-sound. Adding sound effects is something with regional differences. The same with use of gitar effects and amplification.

When it was indeed a wrong setting in the end mix of the vocal track. Was it on purpose? Or was it a very, very stupid mistake?

I’m very curious what Madonna can tell us.

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