Cardiologist Peter McCullough MD suffers Effects of only giving Scientific Knowledge all Doctors should give

Strange things happen in media. On a site that is said to be for whistleblowers, we can’t stay silent anymore. Too many scientists and critical citizens are being bullied and discredited.

When people have had Covid-19 and are recoverd, their health is needlessly endangered by a vaccination such as from Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson, etc.

Just for people that are convinced by the need for vaccinations it’s also known for a long time that a vaccination for certain people can generate adverse effects. For a large community some gains may even outweigh risks. But now reasoning seems to be fully the way around: we should vaccinate until it’s proven that vaccination is harmful.

Governemental agencies don’t want to give information that should be given. What are the numbers about hospitalization and mortality over different ages of patients that have had the recent vaccination for Covid-19?

They don’t give the mathematical information about their statistical models. Now collegual scientists can’t check the validity of those models. Doing this is illustrating not wanting to be scientific. Doing this is hurting a juridical habit.

Numbers can’t be checked. The rules for counted numbers are changed continuosly but those numbers are still compared with eachother over time. That’s hurting one of the most fundamental rules of statistics and methodology. Even a fundamental rule in science in general. Even judges say we all have to obey this rule. But jugdges are the first that are allowed to ignore law and make their own new one. So they do. They even admit the reason: to avoid further chaos and panic. So indeed “leaders” are facilitated with ad hoc new truth. When a higher goal is there, all is afforded.

A difficult time, when scientists are criticized and fired when they do wat taxpayers want them to do: obey the rules of science, be transparent about (conflicts of) interest, be inviting for all people to give prove of mistake and error, and be inviting to prove confirmation.

Not giving data about the process of research and implementation of (governemental) conduct is not scientific at all. A governement not giving information is comparable with a governement giving mis-information. When giving a scientific opinion is said to be politics, science will be impossible.

When people can’t trust any media and have to investigate all themselves we have entered really dark days.

(603) Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee – YouTube

Just one discraceful article about McCullough (not fact checked by us) :
Lawsuit: Doc Using Old Baylor Affiliation While Dishing COVID Vax Falsehoods | MedPage Today

A recent article in the Netherlands, with alarming content (not fact checked by us):
Dr. Peter McCullough onthult dat de Covid-vaccins “regelrecht baby’s doden in het eerste trimester” terwijl de criminele drang om zwangere vrouwen te vaccineren doorgaat – DissidentNL

An article of a collective of worried docters in the Netherlands:
Amerikaanse arts aan het woord: “Covid-19 is not about the virus, Covid-19 is about the vaccin” – Artsen Covid Collectief (

When we are well informed Mr. McCullough has testified for a Senat of one of the Southern States of the USA. Turned out it was the state of Texas. See above link.

Being honest and willing to inform the general public costed him his job. Of minor importance for him because he has several paid positions. He was a longtime respected doctor. Even the risk of supporting the wrong person at the wrong time let people turn their back easily. So in an hospital without brave and intelligent leaders, the outcome might be clear.

Strange that only retired and super wealthy people stay free to tell the (scientific) truth. Covid-19 troubled or ended a lot of carreers. Fear causes a lot of irrationality and discraceful behavior among us.